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Lawn Care

Worry-free lawn maintenance

Every lawn is different. That is why Environmental Designers of Central New Jersey will send a specialist to evaluate your grass and soil condition and work with you to design a customized plan. Typically, a plan will include a combination of the following:

  • Initial Analysis and First Round Application: We first will discuss the details of your lawn, provide a quote, and begin to develop the details of your lawn care plan. We will then visit your property to evaluate your grass, soil condition, yard use, and listen to your concerns and goals to formulate our treatment application plans. On the same visit, we will perform the first round of treatments to get you one step closer to the beautiful lawn you have always wanted.
  • Multi-Treatment Fertilization: Using apply fertilizer at key points throughout the year to promote health, give your lawn the nutrients it needs, and maintain its strength through the seasons and accompanying weather conditions.
  • Weed Prevention and Elimination: Weeds rob nutrients and suffocate your lawn. We prevent the initial growth of weeds with preventative treatments and manage flare ups with targeted control.
  • Pest Control: We understand the bugs that are unique to the New Jersey area and, through early detection and treatment, we can prevent them from destroying your lawn. Grubs and other pests can destroy the root system of your grass, causing brown patches throughout your lawn.
  • pH Testing and Lime Treatment: We test your lawn's pH and apply lime to keep it at its optimal health. Poor pH levels can rob your lawn of the nutrients it needs to survive.
  • Other Services: Our other services include, aeration & seeding, spring & fall cleanups, and lawn cutting.